Power Ad Pack
Power Ad Pack

Power Ad Pack

$50.00 - One at a Time Purchase - Power Ad Pack Includes:

Add $54.15 worth of credits to your Wom Landing Pages account.

If you do not have an upgraded account at Wom Landing Pages this will upgrade you to Silver for THREE months.

If you do have an upgraded account this will EXTEND YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT for THREE months. Just one of the many features of Silver is that you get 200 upgraded Wom Landing Pages.

These credits never expire. Click here to see your control panel for Wom Landing Pages

Wom Landing Pages


$50.00 value.

$50.00 credit added to your HOT TIP marketing account. This will let you Hire Our Team of Top Influential Promoters to tweet your customer posts. This will guarantee 6,250 visits to your website from Twitter.

These credits never expire.

We have work at home promoters all around the world that use their own personal Twitter accounts to post the tweets you have designed. There are no robots, only real people posting real tweets among many real twitter accounts. This will create MANY posts about you on MANY twitter accounts. Every post is unique. The same exact post is never posted twice, ever! You only pay when a real person clicks on a twitter post and is sent to your website. You do not pay if no one is clicking on the posts. You only pay for results. On the details page of each campaign we provide links you may use to easily find these posts about you on Twitter. SO EASY TO VERIFY OUR WORK!

Wom Banner Advertising

$10.00 value.

10,000 views of your banner advertisment on our wom Banner Ad network of over 3,000 websites. This will guarantee that your banner advertisement will be seen by 10,000 different people.

These credits never expire.

See the sales page for Wom Banner Advertising

Tims Tweet Factory

$59.00 value.

1,000 tweets for you to create on Tim's Tweet Factory.

These credits never expire.

With Tim's Tweet Factory you can become a marketing pro on Twitter. This is designed to market your WomVegas business. You can post tweets about many of the opportunities and products provided by WomVegas.

For example, when you click on Business Opportunity tweets will be created for you that market many of the hundreds of Sales Pages provided for you. This will help to find recruits and customers for your business here at WomVegas.

Click on Mini-OL and promote your own Mini-OL provided to you with this Power Ad Pack.

Click here to see a video on how to use Tim's Tweet Factory

Viral Video Advertising

$59.00 value.

25 Viral Video Websites for you to create. You get to keep all 25 of these Viral Videos you make forever at no extra cost.

These credits never expire.

Create advertising for ANY of your products or businesses using the most popular videos on YouTube, ESPN, Fox News, and CBS news videos.

Designed to go viral and get you lots of free exposure.

Click here to see the sales page for Viral Video Advertising

Wom Classified Advertising

$50.00 value.

$50.00 worth of womClassified.com advertising.

These credits never expire.

Anyone can start word of mouth for their products with womClassified.com advertising. Your advertisement is a full webpage that is indexed by major search engines to be easily found in addition to the word of mouth traffic.

WomClassified.com has millions of views and the average Premium Classified has 2,513 Views, is shared by 58 people, has 33 clicks from shared links, 20 clicks from website links and 13 clicks from Twitter.

Your classified will last for an entire year which can make a big difference in getting found on the internet. Of course you can turn off the classified anytime you are finished with it.

Instant Chat Blaster

$29.85 value.

Your own Mini-OL website for three months. If you want to keep it after three months you can continue by purchasing it for $9.95 per month.

Get Your Own Business Opportunity Lead Business! Leads Provided. Included free for three months with your Power Ad Pack. This is an authorized copy of the famous OrangeLeads.com. You get to own this website with your own domains. You bear the cost of the domain but own and control it from any registrar of your choice. You get 100% commissions to your PayPal or STP account.

Click here to see all the benefits of owning your own Business Opportunity Lead Business.

Business Opportunity Leads

$50.00 value.

1,000 business opportunity leads with name, address, email and telephone number. This will include a video that shows how I close one out of four or these same leads for my business opportunity.

You can search by city, state, zip code, or last name to get leads near you.

These credits never expire.

These leads are part of our Star Leader Tool Kit. You are not receiving the entire Star Leader Tool Kit, just access to the control panel for your leads.

(Q) Where do the business opportunity leads come from?

(A) Since 1981, Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. has been providing leads for businesses and individual marketers. The methods used for acquiring these leads have changed many times over the years. For example, from 1985 to 1987, Mr. Drobnick had 10 auto-soliciting machines calling phones in residences in the Denver, Colorado area, to find leads for clients who sold insurance, cars, and MLM products and services. Then, from 1987 to 1995, he generated leads for his own telemarketing company that generated millions of dollars worth of sales per year. Then, starting in 1995 Tim started generating business opportunity leads from hundreds of websites on the internet. Over the past 17 years, Mr. Drobnick has been using the internet, and has set up systems and forged alliances with many other entities to create a steady flow of opt-in business opportunity leads.

Up until 2008, these leads were all used 100% for sending out email solicitations, which yielded millions of dollars worth of sales. However, by 2008 the response to email solicitaions had fallen to almost nothing. At this point Mr. Drobnick suspended all major email campaigns to these millions of leads, and only sends out daily emails to his following of 90,000+ people who have opted in to receive his emails.

Mr. Drobnick then tested phone calls to these leads and found there was a good response; these people were still looking for a business opportunity. They had been so inundated with emails, that those messages were going unnoticed. Fortunately for us, very few people have been actually picking up the telephone to reach out to them.

(Q) How do the business opportunity leads work?

(A) They don't, unless you call them. But if you follow the recommendations of Mr. Drobnick for calling these business opportunity leads, you will get results.

(Q) What are the quality of these leads?

(A) Timothy L. Drobnick calls these leads on a regular basis. He even helps other people make calls with them. Here are recent results:

* 3 out of 10 people you talk to claim they did not fill out the business opportunity form OR are a wrong or disconnected phone number.

* 1 out of 4 people who listen to Tim's presentation agree to come to trainings and join his mailing list.

The above results are the same results tested on other sources of leads that charge as much as $1.00 per lead. In many cases more expensive leads produced by other sources had poorer results than the leads produced by Mr. Drobnick.

(Q) How do you get the leads?

(A) Leads are loaded into the hopper on a daily basis into your Star Leader Control Panel. You can choose to have 1 to 100 leads given to you in any search. You can use the search fields to find leads by city, state, zipcode, last name, or random results. There is no guarantee that leads will be provided for every search, but you are guaranteed the amount of leads you purchased from at least the random search for every Star Leader Tool Kit you purchase.

Your leads will be provided in a box you may copy and paste from to store on your own computer in a notepad.

(Q) How many people get the same lead?

(A) The leads given you will be deleted from our database and will not be given to any other person by Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. or any business he controls. We cannot guarantee that these people have not filled out an inquiry for any other business opportunities on the internet. Most likely they have and may be getting some calls from other solicitors. However, we do guarantee that once we give you a lead, we will NOT give it to anyone else.

(Q) How old are the leads?

(A) Typically the leads are 10 days to three months old. This will vary depending on how fast others are taking leads from our hopper.

(Q) How good are old leads?

(A) Mr. Drobnick has proven time and again that leads that are six months to a year old produce better results than brand new leads. The reason for this is that after 6 months people have found that almost ALL opportunities they came across were not what they wanted, were crooked, or provided them no real help in getting started. At this point if you call and give the personal touch, and offer a good business plan, you will find many happy to have found you. Better yet, invite them to a Google Hangout to learn more and start to build your relationship with them.

People will join your business when they know you, like you, and trust you. You have a much better chance of this when your prospect realizes how rare of a person you are, and how rare an honest business opportunity is. This will happen more often with older leads.

The Worlds Easiest Website to Build $50.00 value.

A FIVE YEAR upgraded Wom Site. This is an easy to build website to use for any purpose. These credits never expire so you can build the website anytime you like.

Below is a more detailed explanation of the Wom Sites.

All Wom Vegas members, even free members, may create up to 3 free Web Sites, which we call Wom Sites.

To get started all you do is click on the template that you want. Then after you go to the edit area you will see red edit buttons. When you click on an edit button you just type in the information you want to show in that area.

Below are features of the free Wom Sites

1. You can choose to have website addresses to be clickable links.

2. There is no need to know anything about HTML. However, there is the option to use HTML if you would like.

3. Your Wom Site is Search Engine Optimized as well or better than most experts can do for you.

4. There are over 800 graphics you can choose for your header. Picking them could not be easier, click the change header picture button, browse through the pictures, click on the one you like, and you are done!!

5. Pick from several templates with one click, then change them as often as you like.

6. If you prefer to upload a header picture yourself, or other pictures in the template, or a picture for your background, you may do so easily.

7. You can choose from hundreds of colors with our easy color chart for many areas of the template, including the background.

8. All you do is click on the edit button, click on the color you want, and you are done!!

9. You can choose to upload a graphic for your background. (Free websites are allowed 2 graphics each).

10. You can choose from 10 fonts, (letter styles), and change them as often as you like.

11. You can make your text bigger or smaller with just one click.

12. You can increase your Search Engine Optimization by typing in a title, description, and key words for your meta tags easily.

13. With one click you can check to see the results for your website on Bing and Google.

14. Your websites are automatically listed on your profile page so visitors to your profile can easily find them as well as the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

15. You have a link to easily tweet your website on Twitter and to share it on FaceBook.

16. You get a counter on your website that tracks views of your website.

17. Free websites have banner advertisements at the top of the website that advertise WomVegas.com. They have YOUR Sales Agent ID on them so that anyone following it will join WomVegas.com as your personal referral.

18. All changes can be made anytime, easily, and as often as you like.

Above are all the features of free Wom Sites. Below are additional features you receive if you upgrade.

1. The advertisements across the top of your website will be removed.

2. Fact: WomVegas.com has more traffic and is more popular than 99.97% of all websites in the world according to Alexa.com.

3. Your website will be added to the directory on WomVegas.com which has more traffic than 99.97% of all websites in the world, so you can be easily found by WomVegas.com members, visitors, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

4. Your website will be immediately indexed in the search engine on WomVegas.com which has more traffic than 99.97% of all websites in the world, so you can be easily found. Every word posted on your website will be searchable in the WomVegas.com search engine.

5. Get up to 5 pages for your website instead of 1.

6. Your website will be available for other WomVegas.com members to tweet on their Twitter accounts and share on their FaceBook accounts. We pay them points to do this for you.

7. Upload up to 20 pictures or images for your website. Free Wom Sites are only allowed to have 2 pictures uploaded from your home computer.

Click here to see the sales page for Wom Sites.

Instant Chat Blaster

$59.00 value.

Instant Chat Blaster for one month. Send up to 500 posts.

A 30 day Instant Chat Blaster paid subscription is included with your Power Ad Pack.

After you use the tools on Power Ad Pack to start driving traffic to womVegas sales pages, then what do you do? Use the Instant Chat Blaster!

Anytime you would like to start chatting with live prospects just turn on Instant Chat Blaster and your chat immediately shows on Viral Video Websites, womClassifieds.com, womVegas.com, hundreds of Sales Pages, womTown.com, BlueFunnelConcept.com, Tims Tweet Factory, our CRM, and more!

Studies show MOST people are more likely to buy from you just because instant live chat is available, EVEN IF THEY CHOOSE NOT TO CHAT WITH YOU!

Anyone visiting any of those possible thousands of pages with your Promo Code will see your picture, the instant chat, and that you are there to answer questions or help them. This is a great way to build up your womVegas.com business and find Topaz Promo Kit Sales Agents so that you can start your 3x3x3 plan and earn $810.00 per month! That is only the start however. There are so many revenue streams at womVegas.com that the sky is the limit on your residual income.

You can purchase the Instant Chat Blaster separately for $29, $59 or $99 per month. However, if you get the Power Ad Pack it is included free for 30 days!

wom Boost Internet Advertising Co-op

A gift card to join the next wom Boost Internet Advertising Co-op for free.

Drive traffic to your website AND you may earn cash. Wom Boost is a very easy system that with one click will drive quality traffic, real people, to your website using four of our advertising systems. It will automatically post a classified advertisement for you on womClassifieds.com and then promote it. It will post a Twitter campaign for you on our Instant Cash Clicks where many of our hundreds of in house workers will tweet for you on their personal Twitter accounts. You can also easily set up a free Wom Landing Page and a free Wom Viral Video that will further promote your website.

If you do not already have a website to promote you can easily select one of the hundreds of Sales Pages in the drop down box that has YOUR Promo Code for womVegas.com, womClassifieds.com, womLandingPages.com, and many other businesses that we offer here.

To get started you must fill in the information in the GREEN boxes and then fund your campaign with at least $1.00. You may optionally choose to use the YELLOW boxes also. For future campaigns you can use this same information so that you can easily rerun the campaigns with one click.

Once you are ready you will click the red button and your campaign will ask you to confirm. Once you do that your Wom Boost campaign will start driving traffic to your website.

You may also earn commissions from the traffic created when it helps us to sell Wom Landing Pages, Wom Classified Advertising, Wom Town Business Listings, Wom Mobile Deals Advertising, Mini-OL Websites, Topaz Promo Kits, and many other products that we sell. You may use any earned commissions to purchase another campaign or have sent as cash to your bank, your choice.

Click here to see your control panel for wom Boost Internet Advertising Co-op

Click here to see a video about using wom Boost Internet Advertising Co-op

Power Ad Pack Price Comparison List
summer sale
Purchase one time or many times, your choice!
$50.00 Power Ad Pack
$100.00 Power Ad Pack
$200.00 Power Ad Pack
$300.00 Power Ad Pack
Wom Landing Pages Credits
$54.15 Credits Added
(Silver Upgrade 92 Days)
$108.30 Credits Added
(Silver Upgrade 183 Days)
$216.60 Credits Added
(Silver Upgrade 365 Days)
$433.20 Credits Added
(Silver Upgrade 730 Days)
HOT TIP Credits
$50 Credits Added
$120 Credits Added
$280 Credits Added
$480 Credits Added
Banner Advertising Credits
$10 Credits Added
$24 Credits Added
$56 Credits Added
$96 Credits Added
Tim's Tweet Factory Credits
$59 - 1,000 Tweets
$140 - 2,400 Tweets
$330 - 5,600 Tweets
$566 - 9,600 Tweets
Viral Video Advertising Credits
$59 - 25 Videos
$140 - 60 Videos
$330 - 140 Videos
$566 - 240 Videos
WomClassified.com Credits
$50 Credits Added
$120 Credits Added
$280 Credits Added
$480 Credits Added
Mini-OL Website Credits
$29.85 - Three Months Free
$69.65 - Seven Months Free
$159.20 - 16 Months Free
$288.55 - 29 Months Free
Biz Opportunity Leads
$50 - 1,000 Leads
$120 - 2,400 Leads
$280 - 5,600 Leads
$480 - 9,600 Leads
Easy WomSite Credits
$50 Credits Added
$100 Credits Added
$300 Credits Added
$500 Credits Added
Instant Chat Blaster
$59 - 30 days, 500 posts
$140 - 72 days, 1,200 posts
$330 - 168 days, 2,800 posts
$566 -288 days, 4,800 posts
Wom Boost Internet Ad Co-Op
One Free Campaign
One Free Campaign
One Free Campaign
One Free Campaign
Total Value
You Only Pay

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